3 Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

Today people can find earrings, bracelets and baubles by the thousands at local box-chain retailers. Cheap, mass-produced jewelry of dubious quality, they are available for anyone. Anyone except you.

For you, only Bizron Jewelers has the kind of bracelets, rings and necklaces you desire. If you are looking for something unique and spectacular for your special lady, start with the Golden Flower Collection from Sara Blaine at our jewelry store in Buffalo NY.

The bracelet from the Golden Flower collection is chunks of Lemon Quarts, Blue Topaz, and Smokey Quartz, set in silver that has been carved into beautiful patterns. A toggle clasp holds the elegant piece in place. Silver is a timeless metal, perfect for dinner parties or for accessorizing an office outfit. The colors of the stones will set off blue or brown eyes. This piece would make a perfect birthday gift.

Gift Ideas in Buffalo

Maybe you are a man with a one-of-a-kind lady who you want to make your wife. The ring must be like her, unique, vibrant, and unusual. She’s no run-of-the-mill woman. Her ring shouldn’t be, either. A ring from the Zeghani by Simon collection is just what you are searching for. Try the stunning ZR1425 Fashion Ring. A huge 17.71 carat Citrine is cut to catch the light and the eye. Set in two surrounding rows of diamonds with a thick, diamond-crusted band, this eye-popper is sure to bring a ‘Yes!’ to your question. Our jewelry store carries this alternative engagement ring.

Rittenhouse of the Ariva collection, offers a bold, feminine weave cuff bracelet. The chain mesh enhances the intricate weave pattern. A high polish on the sterling silver brings the gleam to this large piece of jewelry.

Come and find the perfect gift. Browse our collections and add to your collection. Bizron Jewelers has your perfect piece waiting.

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