Gabriel & Co brand

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With elevated collections of styles displaying richness and couture, Gabriel & Co. has designed for the collections of Cher, Elton John, Bette Midler and Celine Dion among others. It is a perfect balance of creating the most desirable fashion-forward looks and maintaining the integrity of the classics.

Zeghani Jewelry

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What makes Zeghani jewelry one of a kind is the attention to detail. All Zeghani pieces designed are created in 14K gold, making them more affordable without compromising the beautiful design or the craftsmanship. Zeghani is sold exclusively in the US and Canada.

lashbrook jewelry

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Lashbrook is a manufacturer and designer of men’s wedding bands. Lashbrook employs over 80 of the best technicians, artists, customer service, and marketing specialists in the industry. We practice lean manufacturing which puts us at the forefront of manufacturing philosophy and technology. Lean is based on the principles of waste reduction, high quality control standards, and constant improvement. We use the principle of constant improvement (or Kaizen) to make daily changes to the way we make our rings. This also spills over to a culture of improvement in all other business practices and in the lives of our employees.

Engagement Rings in Tonawanda, NY

So, it’s finally that time in your life. You and your partner have been together for a while now and it’s time to show how much love you truly have for one another. Let us help you find the perfect match and make that next step together.

At Birzon Jewelers, we carry a wide selection of engagement rings that we know you’ll love. From different styles, colors, and price points, we’re sure that our careful curation of spectacular designers will make your special moment truly unforgettable.

When Zaven and Hratch Ghanimian established Zeghani in 2008, the brothers were already very knowledgable and skilled in the craft of jewelry design. The sons of a jeweler, the two pledge to create a top-quality engagement ring at an affordable price without compromising the level of craftsmanship. In this 14k White and Rose Gold Engagement Ring, Zeghani gives us a beautifully designed split shank ring.

Around the pear cut center stone held in a classic three-prong setting is a halo of dazzling round cut diamonds. About midway up the rose gold band, the shank splits into three, with the middle segment continuing the rose gold color into a thick beaded shank running towards the center of the crown. The other two fan out and back inwards into an almond shape, transforming into glimmering white gold with diamonds studded in a scalloped setting.

From the design team behind the world-renowned New York City-based jewelers, Gabriel & Co. come a collection of engagement rings she’ll never want to take off. For over 30 years, brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel have been crafting such amazing award-winning designs that it’s easy to spot the genius in their work. In this 14k White Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring, we see the designers playing around with the classic idea of the Halo.

Here, a round cut center stone is surrounded by diamonds to the top and bottom of it, laid in an ascending to descending fashion with the middle stone being the largest. To the left and right, baguette-cut diamonds create an oval shape that, while not framed in the same segment as the other diamonds, gives the illusion of a continuous halo wrapping around.

The band also gives off an unmatched regality, evoking the image of a tiara and columns. Along with the band, studded diamonds in a gorgeous scallop setting. Since 2000, the award-winning design team behind Lashbrook has crafted one of a kind classic and contemporary engagement rings for men. Founded by Eric Laker in Utah, the company believes that each ring has a meaning and should be able to tell a story, and aims to represent that with each of their creations.

In this 14k Rose Gold ring, Lashbrook creates an engagement ring that is perfect for the man that wants more than the standard silver ring. Occupying a majority of the ring is this dazzling hammered finish white gold center, giving the ring a lovely textural element. Lining the edges and framing the center are two rows of rose gold that give the band a lovely color pop.